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Theo & Philo Milk Chocolate with Pili Nut & Pinipig

Theo & Philo Milk Chocolate with Pili Nut & Pinipig

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Pili nuts are a smooth and soft nut from a pili tree. The Philippines is the only country to produce pili nuts for consumption. It has a pleasantly bitter and mildly nutty taste and is commonly eaten as a snack.

Pinipig are young grains of glutinous rice which have been pounded and flattened. It is then toasted to make the grains puff up. Similar to a rice crispy, it is often used as a dessert topping, eaten plain, or mixed in with sweet beverages.

Net weight: 45 grams


  • Bronze -  Academy of Chocolate 2018
  • Bronze -  Academy of Chocolate 2019

About the brand

Theo & Philo proudly honours high-quality local ingredients—from the cacao beans of Davao in Mindanao, where fertile land and temperate climates produce some of the best cacaos in the region, and the world-famous sugar of Bacolod—and the renowned craftmanship of Filipinos as we share the distinct culture and fearless flavours of the finest single-origin chocolates from this side of the world. 


Sugar, cacao beans, cocoa butter, milk powder, glazed pili nut (pili nuts, sugar, oil), pinipig



Contains dairy products and nuts
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Love the milk chocolate crunch