Our Sustainability Commitment

The Kape de Filipina brand promotes sustainable agriculture, which assures our partners of long-term environmental health, economic profitability, and social equity.

Our local communities, who work in the fields everyday to grow our coffee plant, ultimately come first. We respect them, their practices, and their culture. We will never jeopardize their natural resources, homes, livelihood and welfare for commercial gain. 

Protecting communities and promoting their sustainable livelihood are the reasons we source from and support the Philippine Coffee Alliance, "the first and largest network of small-holder coffee farmers and value chain players" (PCA 2021). The PCA empowers farmers and uplifts their role in the local coffee industry, through continuous technology and education programs.

Our commitment to sustainability is also the reason that:

  • We do not use plastic in our product packaging or shipment boxes. Our coffee bags are made of craft paper, are aluminum-free, and use Green PE which is obtained from sugar cane instead of crude oil, thereby reducing harmful greenhouse emissions.
  • We have pledged money (and will continuously pledge!) to plant more trees under ClimatePartner ID 13795-2108-1040.
  • We only ship climate-neutral. We pay premiums so that our couriers offset any carbon footprint as a result of delivering our products.