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Theo & Philo 65% Dark Chocolate with Green Mango & Salt

Theo & Philo 65% Dark Chocolate with Green Mango & Salt

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Dried green mango, a little salt, and dark chocolate create a distinctly Filipino flavour that’s sure to inspire a whole new batch of dreamers and chocolate lovers. 

Net weight: 45 grams


  • Bronze -  Academy of Chocolate 2019

About the brand

Theo & Philo proudly honours high-quality local ingredients—from the cacao beans of Davao in Mindanao, where fertile land and temperate climates produce some of the best cacaos in the region, and the world-famous sugar of Bacolod—and the renowned craftmanship of Filipinos as we share the distinct culture and fearless flavours of the finest single-origin chocolates from this side of the world. 


Cacao beans, sugar, cocoa butter, dried green mangoes, sea salt


Contains dairy products
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