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Barako - 100% Premium Liberica

Barako - 100% Premium Liberica

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100% Premium Liberica Coffee
Cavite, Philippines
Body: Strong and bold
Flavour Notes: Jackfruit, cacao nibs, dark chocolate
Roast Profile: Medium-dark, flexible for espresso or filter coffee
Process: Natural
Barako, which translates to "stud" and therefore connotes strength and masculinity, is a rare species that accounts for less than 1% of coffee globally. It is the most consumed type of coffee in the Philippines and is characterised by its strong aroma and very unique taste. You will never find an explosion of cacao nibs, dark chocolate, and jackfruit flavours in any other coffee.
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Customer Reviews

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Legitimate seller with freshly roasted beans!

The beans that arrived were freshy roasted. The aromatic notes of jackfruit and chocolate are very apparent, and a hint of sweetness comes out when brewed using pour-over filter like a V60. I highly recommend for those who haven't tried Liberica, one of the lesser known coffee beans.

Ralf Schalkhammer

Barako - 100% Premium Liberica

Der beste Liberica Kaffee Europas

Meine Lieblings-Liberica. Nicht nur, weil sie eine starke Geschichte und ein starkes philippinisches Erbe hat, sondern auch, weil ich diesen süßen, dunkle Schokoladigen Liberica-Kaffee mit sehr leichten Fruchtnoten liebe. Ich wusste nicht, warum sie wie Mango und Ananas schmeckt, aber nachdem ich die Packung und die Beschreibung gelesen habe, macht Jackfruit sehr viel Sinn

Great discovery

I discovered 100% Liberica in Markthalle Neun and fell in love with this coffee right away. I bought 4 bags to give to my friends and daughters. Coffee from Philippine is unheard of and the taste is also so unique. Keep it up

Something special

I had never heard about Barako before and really enjoyed every cup of this! Really nice with its fruity and chocolaty notes - both black or with a little milk.